Bhutan at Glance

BHUTAN is located in the eastern region of the Himalayas, a small country roughly the size of Switzerland and fondly referred to as Druk Yul (Land of the Thunder Dragon). Bhutan has remained a country where age of customs and traditions are still part of the everyday lives of the people, even while modernization, development and strains of global influence are felt more and more. Bhutan is holy land with many tales of miracles, myth and legends. The eighty percent of the country's population live in villages and small hamlets, many located a few hours and some takes many days to reach. Bhutan is considered as a spectacular destination with a living culture that goes back to the centuries.


Population : 364,482 male / 307,943 female
Capital : Thimphu
National Tree : Cypress
National Flower : Blue Poppy
National Bird : Raven
National Animal : Takin
Official Language : Dzongkhag
Forest coverage : 72.5 %
Country code : 975
Area : 38,394
Local Time : 6 hours ahead of GMT & half an hour ahead of Indian Standard Time
State Religion : The Tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism
Currency : Ngultrum, same value as Indian Rupee
Political System : Constitutional Monarchy
National Flag : The national flag is divided diagonally, with the golden yellow upper half symbolizing the secular authority and lower orange part symbolizing the Buddhist faith or religious part of the country. The white dragon in the centre honours the people’s name for the country and the white colour of the dragon represents the purity and loyalty of people. The dragon snarling expresses the strength of the male and female deities protecting the country. The jewels held in its claws depict the wealth of the nation.
National Game : Archery
National / Traditional Dress : Men wear “Gho” and women wear “Kira”
Meanings : Dzongs (Fortress) / Tshechus (Festivals)


PHOTOGRAPHY (Please check with your guide)

Request permission before taking photographs of people, events or objects inside the premises of temples, dzongs or monastery, taking photographs is not permitted. Taking photographs is only permitted in the court yard area.


Please do not touch any religious artifact or antique.

Purchase of religious items especially antiques is prohibited

Please do not climb on or do anything that would show lack of respect to Buddhist artifacts or antiques, large or small, ruined or not, they are regarded as sacred.


Please take of hats while entering dzongs, temples or monastery

Shorts / half pants are not permitted while entering a dzong, temple or monastery.


Before entering a dzong, temple, monastery, please switch off all mobile phones or keep in the silent/vibrating mode.

Please speak softly within the religious premises


Always walk in clockwise direction while visiting religious places.

Please remember not to point with a single finger but use an upturned flat extended hand especially to indicate a sacred object or place.

Please throw rubbish only in designated areas.

Please refrain from touching any ritual objects or mural paintings.

Please do not walk over any clothes, books, hearth or materials left open in religious sites.

Please refrain from smoking or drinking while visiting religious places.

If you are not sure please ask the local people or the guide.


Calling from a mobile to a fixed line use 0 and area code before the six local numbers

Example: - Use 02 before the number 17110215

Calling from a fixed line to mobile, you can use eights digit numbers directly.

Example: - 17110215

Bhutan Festival Dates

Punakha Domchoe Punakha 18 - 22 Feb 08 - 12 Feb
Punakha Tsechu Punakha 23 -25 Feb 13 - 15 Feb
Chorten Kora Tashi Yangtse 28 Feb -15 Mar 18 Feb & 4 Mar
Gom Kora Tshechu Tashigang 23 - 25 Mar 13 - 15 Mar
11 - 13 Apr
Chhukha Tshechu Chhukha 28 - 30 Mar 17 - 19 Mar 
16 - 18 April
Paro Tshechu   
Paro Festival Tour
Paro 26 - 30 Mar 15 - 19 Mar
Ura Tshechu   
Ura Festival Tour
Bumthang 24 - 28 April 13 - 17 May
Nimalung Tshechu Bumthang 19 - 21 June 08 - 10 Jul
Kurjey Tshechu Bumthang 21 June 10 Jul
Wangdu Tshechu 
Wangdi Festival Tour
Wangdue 15 - 17 Sept 04 - 06 Oct
Tamshing Phala Choepa
Tamshing Phala Festival Tour
Bumthang 16 - 18 Sept 05 - 07 Oct
Thimphu Drupchen Thimphu 12 - 16 Sept 01 - 05 Oct
Thimphu Tshechu 
Thimpu Festival Tour
Thimphu 17 - 19 Sept 06 - 08 Oct
Tangbi Mani
Tangbi Festival Tour
Bumthang 22 - 24 Sept 10 - 12 Oct
Jambay Lakhang Drup
Jambay Lakhang Festival Tour
Bumthang 22 - 26 Oct 10 - 14 Nov
Prakar Tshechu Bumthang 23 - 25 Oct 11 - 13 Nov
Ngalakhang Tsehchu Bumthang 21 -23 Nov 10 - 12 Dec
Mongar Tshechu Mongar 13 -16 Nov 01 - 04 Dec
Pemagatsel Tshechu Pemagatsel 13 - 16 Nov 01 - 04 Dec
Tashigang Tshechu Tashigang 14 - 17 Nov 02 - 05 Dec
Lhuntse Tshechu Lhuntse 15 - 17 Dec 02 - 04 Jan, 2012
Trongsa Tshechu Tongsa 15 - 17 Dec 02 - 04 Jan, 2012

Festival Dates Published by Bhutan Tourism Bureau.

All festival dates are calculated according to the Tibetan/Buddhist lunar calendar and are subject to change without notice by the local authorities.

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